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+91 70593 72222

Gole Bunglow, 2nd floor, Above Jankalyan Bank, N.S.Road,Mulund (West), Mumbai 400080

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Project Brief

The project is a sales center located at Bandra, Mumbai and  the center was designed to showcase the clients upcoming residential project . The site was a slim long rectangular box with glass facades on both sides. The front glass facade has an embracing landscape so one could practically get a filtered but through and through vision of the entire pavilion.

Our immediate response was to maintain this transparency and this would certainly arouse a sensory palate & sense of probe to the passerby’s. Design for us is intuitive & site specific. Our vision was to make a luxurious & premium office space which reflects the company & their vision. The layout,design & detail are characterized by materialistic gestures that maneuvers the entire space.