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Gole Bunglow, 2nd floor, Above Jankalyan Bank, N.S.Road,Mulund (West), Mumbai 400080

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Rare are those homes that offer an equal view both inside and out. Nestled on the 17th floor of a high-rise apartment in Mumbai, with the task to redesign, the twin views of the Arabian Sea and the Mahalaxmi Racecourse was almost too good to be true. The design concept was to create a luxurious interior which is high on style, functionality, and exclusivity with customized elements, color combinations & textures with a special underlying meaning.

Grey-textured silhouettes hold a mirror to the sandy shoreline, while sun-like luminaires scintillate overhead. As for each crashing wave, there’s a tchotchke waiting to be noticed. In a bid to make the views and natural light a close neighbor, a mellow aesthetic, with marble floors, swish veneers, contemporary solutions and natural wood details were introduced. Every surface was given equal attention and the floor wears Italian marble, while classic wainscoting and white marble accents enliven the walls. The living room is characterized by marble walls, old- world wainscotting and brass details. Petite in size, the dining room features low seating that lets the walls shine. The master bedroom and living room were given a front-row seat to the coastline, and the kitchen and auxiliary realms were leveled behind them.

The master bedroom is a daisy sanctum with a four-poster bed, a walk-in wardrobe and a sumptuous ensuite bathroom. For both sons’ bedrooms the elder son is mellow and minimalist, while the younger one is a gaming junkie with a flair for mixed martial arts (MMA). The elder brother, being more prudent with his color choices opted for turquoise and black tones and modern flourishes. On the other hand the younger son’s bedroom is a playful haven dominated by monochrome where the bed sits low providing a welcome surface for him and his friends on which to lounge and play games. White ribbed wall paneling, black metal embellishments and faux leather accents give the room a subtle masculine spin and with so many surprises inside and out, the home has something for each member.